We are proud to be introducing Leadax by Cromar to the shelves of Frank Ratcliffe Roofing Centre! Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world that holds the same properties as traditional lead, with no harmful effects caused to health or the environment! Not only does it cost considerably less than traditional lead, but it also comes with a thickness matching that of code 5 lead!

An image of a Leadax Roll

Here’s why you should try Leadax:

Leadax is a non-toxic, fully sustainable lead-alternative flashing, which contains no heavy metals, unlike alternative water-resistant materials.

To help reduce wastage, this product is manufactured from a byproduct of laminated glass  production.

This product is 75% lighter than traditional lead, making it an easier and safer product to work with.

It is available in longer strips than traditional lead. This allows for less overlap, therefore requiring less materials.

Independent tests show Cromar Leadax as having the same waterproof properties as traditional lead.Even in the most extreme weather conditions, there are no problems with processing this product by hand. It is available in longer roll lengths and widths on request, with a short waiting time. Also, unlike other lead-alternative products, this product will leave absolutely no marks on roof tiles and is guaranteed to last 25 years!

This product is available in 6m rolls in:
150mm, 250mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm

Also available from this collection:
Lap Sealants (310ml)
Fixing Clips (25 clips)

For more information on this product, call us at 0161 724 4004 for any queries you may have, or get a quote! Here at FRRC, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Thank You for Attending our Cromar Course!

Here at FRRC, we’d just like to give a big thank you for those who attended our Cromar course on July 3rd! To show our appreciation to those who attended the course, we will give exclusive prices on all Cromar Pro GRP products to those who’ve completed the course! So not only are you now a pro flat roofer, you will also be able to receive the best prices available on all Cromar materials when shopping at Frank Ratcliffe Roofing Centre!

Why not check out the Cromar products we keep in stock? Click the image on the left for a list and description of our stocked Cromar products! Can’t see what you’re looking for? No worries! We’re more than happy to help you find all the items you’re searching for.


Didn’t  get to attend?

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the course this time around, don’t worry because these courses are held regularly at FRRC and we would be more than happy to notify you when the next one is announced, so that you can claim you spot early, before the class fills up! Sign on to our mailing list if you want to receive a notification as to when we’ll next be holding this course.


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Cromar Pro GRP Course

On July 3rd, we will be hosting a Cromar Pro GRP Course! The course will be held at Frank Ratcliffe Roofing Centre from 9 AM. For only £50 (half the usual price) + VAT, you can learn an entirely new skill from scratch! By participating in this course, not only will you be learning a new skill that will allow you to take up an unlimited amount of flat roofing jobs, but you will receive a certificate to prove your capabilities over your competitors. Also, at the end of this course we will be giving out a few goodies for taking part! Limited places are available so don’t miss the chance while it’s still available!

Why Cromar Pro GRP?

Why choose Cromar Pro GRP over alternative products? Because it has a 25 year guarantee and needs next to no maintenance! It is an impressive all-weather protection offered by applying curing the product cold. Also, it’s extremely easy to apply, even to the most complex of jobs and has amazing durability, which gives it an ultra hard finish. Their unconventional methods exceed all others, when it comes to class leading roofing solutions at an economical price.


Do you want to sign on to this course?

If you’re interested in getting a place on the course, call us now at 0161 724 4004 or e-mail us at sales@frrc.co.uk now!