Changes to BS5534

What does it all mean?
Well as from the 1st March 2015 any competent roofer installing roofs on either a new build or as a member of the NFRC must adhere to this new regulation.
Basically the UK has been split into five zones based on whether severity.
In the North West we are zone 2 unless you are 100m above sea level then you will be classified as zone three.
BS5534 requires roofers to use pre-graded roofing battens from the likes of John Brash, these would be the red ones, they can be either 25 x 50mm or 25 x 38mm.
This new regulation also calls for the taping of all lap joints on your felt and using a good quality breathable felt is essential.
We now stock Klober TR21 adhesive tape available in 25m rolls by 50mm wide. We will soon be stocking Klober Permoforte SK breather membrane at 50 x 1.5m which includes the lap tape top and bottom of the roll at £120 plus Vat per roll.