Clay Products

At Frank Ratcliffe Roofing Centre, we take pride in our wide range of clay products, including our clay chimney pots.

Clay Chimney Pots

We stock the following New clay chimney pots:

  • Bonnet hoods for air ventilation only.
  • DFE Inserts for inserting into existing chimney pots. These can be used for class 1 class gas fires and solid fuel.
  • DFE Pot is a complete pot and does just the same as the Insert but for situations where no chimney pot is there.
  • Gas cowls are for class 2 fires only and not decorative fuel effect.
  • Pepper pots are for Air Ventilation only and are an ideal cap for venting and waterproofing redundant flues.
  • Roll top chimney pots sizes available in stock in 300, 600, 900mm heights.

Need something else? Just contact us with your requirements.
We can generally obtain any Clay product that is needed.

We also keep in stock other products manufactured from clay, Sandtoft Rivius, Sandtoft 20/20, Sandtoft Casius, Redland Rosemarie plain tiles and ridge tiles.

Bonnet HoodDFE InsertDFE PotGas CowlPepper PotRoll Top Chimney Pot

Currently all our clay products are for collection only.
Contact us for further information before ordering if this is an issue. We will do our best to accomodate each customers requirements.