Cromar are renowned for their large range of flat and pitched roofing products, with an array of materials manufactured. Cromar specialise in, but are not limited to,  bitumens, building chemicals, timber treatments, adhesives, sealants, tanking membranes and DPCs. They are one of the most modern facilities in Europe in manufacturing roofing underlays.

All Weather Roof Coat

All weather roof coat bitumen

This product can be applied to dry surfaces all year round, for an almost immediate effect. Therefore, it is absolutely perfect for the waterproofing of most types of surfaces. Available in 5L and 25L.


25L £40.91 + VAT
5L £14.94 + VAT


Aluminium Paint

Tin of Aluminium Paint

Use aluminium paint when providing a solar reflective finish to flat roofing jobs. Use this bitumen over torch on felts. Available in 2.5L, 5L and 25L.

25L £65.36 + VAT
5L £21.78 + VAT
2.5L £12.95 + VAT


Bitumen Primer

Tin of Bitumen Primer

This low viscosity, high penetration, cold applied bitumen primer seals porous substrates prior to the application of bituminous materials. Available in 5L and 25L.

25L  £38.88 + VAT
5L  £17.95 + VAT


Roofing Felt Adhesive

Tin of Roofing Felt Adhesive

Roofing Felt Adhesive bonds successive layers of roofing felt with ease. It is specially designed for convenience and safety and also to ensure a strong final bond. Available in 5L and 25L.


25L £40.91 + VAT
5L £13.95+ VAT


Trowel Mastic

Tin of Trowel Mastic

Use Trowel Mastic for filling joints, cracks and splits in roofing and building materials. Also, the Trowel Mastic is resistant to water penetration immediately after application. Available in 5L only.

5L £17.46 + VAT