Cromar Pro GRP Products:Cromar Pro GRP example

Cromar Pro GRP products are applicable on either small, home improvements jobs or to cover even the largest of industrial buildings. It’s perfect for any flat-roof!

1. Wall Fillets

Available in 3m lengths


 2. Simulated Lead Flashing

Available in 3m lengths

3. Glass Fibre Matting and Resin

The Glass Fibre Matting is available in 450gm² and 600gm². The Resin is available in 10kg and 20kg containers.

4. Top Coat

UV and final weatherproofing protection. Available in 10kg and 20kg containers

5. Large Fascia Trim

Fascia/ Drip Trims. Available in 3m lengths

6. Raised Edge Trim

Available in 3m lengths

7. Trim Adhesive

Available in 310ml