Manthorpe Dry Hip 6m

Roll-out Dry Hip

Manthorpe Dry HipThe Manthorpe Roll-Out Dry Hip system is a quick, clean way of fixing hip tiles, thereby doing away with messy, labour intensive mortar techniques.

The easy fit mechanical fixings prevent tiles from lifting in high winds and also stops rain from getting beneath the roofing.

Firstly, a length of Vent Roll is fixed along the hip and smoothed out over the existing roofing tile profile. Then, the Hip Tray is fitted above and secured with screws or nails. This provides a straight and level platform for laying tiles along the length of the hip.

With the eaves tile in place at the base of the hip, the Manthorpe Union piece can be fitted. A hip tile is then slotted into the union piece one course above and locked into place with the mechanical fixing.

Repeat this process to the top of the hip. There, the tile is then mitred and fixed in the traditional manner.

Manthorpe Ridge FixingProduct Benefits:

  • One box supplies enough components for a 6m hip length
  • Compatible with most makes of concrete and clay hip tiles
  • It can also be fitted to the hip of most roof pitches (pitches must be within tile manufacturers recommendations for the tile type being used)
  • Compatible with most slate, concrete flat and profiled tiles
  • Provides a 5,000mm²/m ventilation into the roof space
  • Quick and easy to fix with no special tool requirements
  • Available in 3 different colours
  • Compatible with Manthorpe’s Roll-Out Dry Ridge System
  • UV stabalised and there is also no need for a mortar
  • Install this system in any weather