Manthorpe Linear Dry Verge

For use with slates and interlocking plain tiles, Manthorpe designed the SmartVerge® Linear Dry Verge System. It provides a charming, maintenance-free detail to gable ends.


Manthorpe Smart VergeThe Linear Dry Verge System adds a strong mechanical fixing method which secures slates and tiles to the roof to stop wind uplift problems and is mortar-free, making it fast and easy to fit in all weather conditions. Also, as to comply to the mechanical fixing requirements of BS5534, a wind tunnel test has been held. A high grade of uPVC is used in product manufacture, to provide long term UV resistance against discolouration from light exposure.


A selection of ridge end caps stops the entry of birds and large insects and finishes the detail aesthetically.

The SmartVerge® Linear Dry Verge System is ideal for both new build and renovations on roofs of 15° to 55° pitch. It is available in Slate Grey, Black, White, Terracotta and Dark Brown and is suitable with all fibre cement slates, natural slates, interlocking plain tiles, many other plain tiles and interlocking concrete tiles.

Product Benefits:

Manthorpe Klobber

  • Fast and easy to fit in all weather conditions
  • Suitable with all fibre cement and natural slate tiles and interlocking plain tiles
  • Some plain tiles and concrete interlocking tiles are also suitable
  • Also suitable in sarking board details
  • Suitable for new build or refurbishment work
  • Exceptionally secure
  • Light fast strong UPVC material