Marley Dry Hip System with Tracks

Compatible with Anglia Plus, Ludlow Plus, Bold Roll, Double Roman, Ludlow Major, Malvern, Mendip, Duo Modern, Modern, Wessex, Monarch, Marquess and Plain Tiles.

Dry Fix SystemsThe Marley Dry Hip System provides a mechanically fixed, weathertight and attractive finish to the hip line. Furthermore, it doesn’t even require the use of mortar bedding! This is because the hip tiles are secured to a PVC-u Hip Batten section, which is fixed to the hip tree or rafter. They utilise PVC-u Hip unions to maintain compatibility with the Marley Dry Ridge System.


The Concrete Third Round and Modern Hip tiles are manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 490 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings with BSI Kitemark Licence. In addition to this, the Marley Dry Hip System complies with the requirements of BS 5534 : for the mechanical fixing of Hip tiles.


The components of the System are manufactured from high durability PVC-u with closed cell rubber foam weathering strips. The Apex Capping unit is moulded from Styrosun ® PVC. Fixing materials are made from high tensile stainless steel and durable aluminium.


All roof pitches up to 45°, provided the roof slopes intersect at 90° on plan, are compatible with this system. The System will also accommodate roof slopes of varying pitch either side of the hip, up to a 10° difference.


The Marley Dry Hip System is fully compatible with the Marley Ventilated Dry Ridge and Marley Eaves Ventilation Systems. Also, any items from the Marley Plain, Interlocking and Slate ranges are compatible with this system.


  • Extruded black PVC-u Hip Sections, 3m long (low or high profile to suit tile profile) are fixed to the timber hip tree or rafter using purpose-made PVC-u blocks and drive screws.
  • Due to the closed cell rubber foam strip located along each side of the Hip Section, the cut tiles have exceptional weathering provided.
  • By using purpose-made head clips and tingle clips, the raking cut tiles are mechanically secured. Consequently, this prevents slippage.
  • A Bloc End Hip tile is fitted at the base of the hip and mechanically fixed.
  • Each Hip tile is secured to the top of the PVC-u Hip Section with injection moulded PVC-u Hip Unions with neoprene rubber seals.
  • The hip/ridge intersection is weathered with a Styrosun ® PVC Apex Cap.
  • Available in three sizes for roof pitches from 15° – 45°.

Note: Hips with a plan angle 90° – 135°

Where hips have angles 90° – 135° on plan, it may be necessary to trim the downstand of the Bloc End Hip tile at the base of the hip. This therefore aligns the eaves course of tiles. Also, use a disc cutter to follow health and safety procedures.

Use a purpose made Code 4/5 lead capping at the apex of the hip to fit over the three-way junction with the ridge. A lead sheet association lead sheet flashings manual is also available on request, if you’re in need of guidance.

Secure the edges of the lead cap with the appropriate ridge/hip union. Doing so forms a slot at each side of the cap for aligning with the location lugs of the union.