Flat roof sealed with Elastathane 25

This is a case study of a leaking flat roof with bituminous felt underneath being sealed using Elastathane 25.

Elastathane next day primer was installed on to a leaking torch on felted roof.
(Elastathane Primer must be used to warrant the 25 year guarantee)

There are 2 types of primer available:
Rapid Primer – top coat needs to be installed within 12 hours
Next Day Primer – minimum of 12 hours (max 4 months) required before applying top coat

Application Details:

Primer between 35-50m2 per 5kg tub
Top coat Elastathane 25 16m2 per 25kg can and 3.8m2 per 6kg can
Apply with a roller or a paintbrush when roof substrate is dry.

We came back the next day and painted the Elastathane 25 over the primed area using a roller and a paint brush.
The product will settle and level flat after a few hours of application.

Visit our Elastathane 25 page for more detailed information on how Elastathane 25 can help with your flat roofing projects.