Elastathane Tub in Grey

Elastathane 25

Elastathane is a simple product to use, with a completely seamless finish. It’s a great adhesive, good for almost any type of surface, therefore making it the perfect product for any roofing job. Cromar’s Elastathane can also cope against the most extreme temperatures and weather.

Elastathane 25 is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane, that combines membrane and accelerator. This provides applicators with a solution for a fast curing, bubble free, thick layer membrane. Due to its unique formation, it cures quickly to form a completely defect free membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties. This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with fairly low humidity. Use Elastathane for even the most complex of roofs, despite whether a membrane is an option. Furthermore, the fact that the minimum consumption can now be achieved in only one coast, reduces labour cost and eliminates problems such as short working time or problems associated with multilayer coast adhesion failure. This product has a life expectancy of 25 years and also requires very little maintenance needed.
Elastathane 25 comes in two sizes, 6kg and 25kg, in both grey and black.




25 years life expectancy
Solar Reflective
Excellent thermal and UV resistance
Fantastic water and frost resistance
Usable on almost any kind of surface
One coat application – seamless finish

Elastathane Primers

Elastathane produces two types of primers, the Rapid Cure Primer and the Super Seal Primer – both of these products are available in 5kg containers.

Rapid Cure Primer

The Rapid Cure Primer is a one-component low thickness polyurethane fluid that cures with the humidity within the atmosphere. This product improves the adhesion of the high solid products on absorbent substrates. It has a drying time of between 2-4 hours. To give the perfect adhesion, apply the membrane as soon as the primer dries.
This product is ideal for protecting metal structures against corrosion.

Coverage: Roughly 0.15 kg/m2
Shelf Life: Keep for a maximum of 2 years in the original sealed tins at a temperature of 5 oC to 25 oC in dry places. When you open a container, try to use it immediately.
Drying Time: 2-4 hours

Super Seal Primer

Elastathane Super Seal Primer is a next day primer. Top coat application is to be done after 12 hours or more. Primer can be left exposed for up to 2 months before top coat application. This product is designed for use on larger roof areas. With the super seal primer, there is a 12 hour wait before the topcoat can be applied, however the primer can be left exposed for up to two whole months without the topcoat application.

Coverage: Roughly 0.15 kg/m2
Shelf Life: Keep for a maximum of 12 months in the original sealed tins at a temperature of 5 oC to 25 oC in dry places. When you open a container try to use it immediately.
Drying Time: At least 12 hours, dependent to location.

Elastathane 10m2 kit

To learn more about the 10m2 kit, call us at 0161 724 4004

Elastathane 25kg £145 + VAT
Elastathane 25kg Black £130 + VAT
Elastathane 6kg £40.25 + VAT
Elastathane 6kg black £40.25 + VAT
Elastathane Rapid Cure Primer £39 + VAT
Elastathane Super Primer £39 + VAT
Elastathane Catalyst £14.37 + VAT
Elastathane Thickener £37.50 + VAT
Elastathane Geotextile £10 + VAT
Elastathane 10m2 kit £140 + VAT


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The product complies with the EU guideline for this type of materials, EOTA (European Organization of Technical Approval).

Recommended for:
Waterproofing and protection of: Gypsum and cement boards, polyurethane insulation foams, verandas and balconies, roofs, light roofing made of metal or fibrous cement, asphalt membranes, EPDM membranes.

Not suitable for; unsound substrates, or waterproofing of swimming pool surfaces in contact with chemically treated water.

Application Prerequisites:
Applies with ease on; concrete, fibrous cement, mosaic, cement roof tiles, old (but well adhered) acrylic and asphalt coats, wood.

Elastathane comes from Cromar Building Products.