Complete the PolyureCoat Approved Contractor Scheme to gain more work!

The PolyureCoat Approved Contractor Scheme is hosted by PolyureCoat to teach contractors the best practice for using their products. Overall, the participant will take part in a full day practical and written assessment with interactive roof models.

PolyureCoat Approved Contractor Scheme - completed application

Those who take part in this course will be assessed and marked on their work. Afterwards, if the final exam is completed to a satisfactory degree, the individual will become a potential contractor for PolyureCoat applications. Easy-Trim will suggest those who complete this course to potential clients, to gain them more work. In addition to this, approved contractors are listed on Easy-Trim’s national database. In addition to this, they will receive an exclusive Approved Contractor Card and a PolyureCoat Welcome pack.

There is a fee of £150 per person taking part, when participating in this course. However, you are refunded in product vouchers after 3 successful installations. There are no more than 8 participants allowed to a class. Attend these courses in any of Easy-Trim’s 7 available locations.


To take part in this scheme, go to PolyureCoat’s website to place your booking.