PolyureCoat Products

Here at FRRC, we stock the full range of PolyureCoat products straight from EasyTrim. All of our products are subject to availability. To find out if we have the product you’re looking for, either call us on 0161 724 4004 or e-mail us via our contact page.


PolyureCoat Membrane


PolyureCoat is a single component liquid waterproof membrane. The product is made from a unique blend of moisture triggered polyurethane resin, thus creating a fast curing, seamless, tough and elastic waterproofing system. Available in 6kg and 25kg tins.

6kg £40.00 + VAT
25kg £145.00 + VAT



EasyTrim Reactivator


Polyurecoat Reactivator is a preparation solution for surfaces. Use this product to clean and prepare PolyureCoat for being overlaid. Available in 5L tins.

5L £25.95 + VAT

EasyTrim Reinforcing Fleece


EasyTrim Reinforcing Fleece is usable on joints, upstands, change in directions and to fully reinforce the system during installation. Available in 300mm x 50m and 1000mm x 50m.

330mm x 50mm £25.90 + VAT
1000mm x 50mm £74.90 + VAT


EasyTrim Accessories

PolyureCoat Combi Corner Edge & Drip Trim £24.95 + VAT
PolyureCoat Drip Trim (2.5m) £24.73+ VAT
PolyureCoat Drip Trim External Corners x2 £14.99+ VAT
PolyureCoat Wall Termination Trims – 60mm x 20mm £12.53+ VAT
PolyureCoat Waterstop External Corners x2 £13.95 + VAT
PolyureCoat Waterstop Internal Corners x2 £14.95 + VAT
PolyureCoat Waterstop Trim (2.5m) £26.88 + VAT