Flexim Roof Putty Demonstration

We recently had a Flexim Roof Putty demonstration day hosted by Marco from Flexim. Marco did around 30 demonstrations to all customers who came down to the shop.
It proved a big success with orders being taken on the day.

Points that were covered on the day were;

  • Will take a wind speed of 110 mph
  • Can be used as low as – 20 degrees c ( no need for frost proofer )
  • Can rain straight after application and will not run nor cause any problems
  • Will store for years as long as air tight sealed.
  • No wastage just use your cut off pieces
  • Unbelievable sticking power
  • Will move with your roof as always remains flexible
  • No cracking or mortar falling down the roof ever again.
  • Can be used for pointing against old mortar.
  • Will last for many years and can be painted
  • Will last for up to 12 years if left in original packaging

Marco will be coming back soon to do more demonstrations. We shall keep you informed.

We have over 70 boxes of this product available in Grey, Black, Red and Brown.

Contact John on 01617244004 or e-mail us with your requirements.

For more information visit our Flexim Roof Putty page and why not download our Flexim Roof Putty pdf brochure.