Flexim Roof Putty

Flexim Roof PuttyFlexim Roof Putty is a ready to use, storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. Since its introduction in 1984, it has built a strong reputation, where it has been used on over 4 million roofs worldwide.

Because Flexim has proved itself to be a reliable tile fastener and the best alternative to conventional mortar, it is the proud winner of the 1990 Innovation Award!
We stock Red, Black, Grey and Dark Brown to ensure you’ll be able to use Flexim Roof Putty on whatever job is at hand and have over 40 boxes in stock at all time.

This product can be used for new construction, re-roofing, repairs and sealing onto concrete, clay and other types of tile, including natural and fibre cement slate.

Immediately after installing, Flexim Roof Putty is instantly water resistant. It will also retain it’s flexibility.
Flexim Roof Putty is unaffected by the contraction or expansion of the roof or by any uplift from wind on the tiles.


Product Information

Give us a call on 0161 724 4004 to place an order or to discuss this product and installation help. Alternative you can email us if you need any more information.

A Box of Flexim Roof Putty contains:

  • 10 loose strips – at 100 x 500 x 35mm
  • 5 pairs of work gloves
  • a product folder / manual

The coverage of one box depends on the profile of the tile, but ranges from 3 to 7 metres.

* Weight: 8,50 kg

Each box of 10 bars retails for £71 +vat

Flexim Roof Putty Images

Download the Flexim Roof Putty Brochure for more detailed information. Have any more questions? Contact us on 0161 724 4004 or email us with your requirements.

See below, examples of Flexim Roof Putty in use!

Flexim_Roof Putty - Installing Ridge TilesFlexim_Roof Putty - Installing Ridge TilesFlexim_Roof Putty - Valley ConstructionFlexim_Roof Putty - Roof Window InstallationFlexim_Roof Putty - Installing Ridge TilesFlexim_Roof Putty - Installing Ridge Tiles