Freefoam UPVC Soffits

The Soffit protects the underside of the roof edge, it can be vented to help provide essential ventilation to the roof space. Freefoam soffits are visually appealing and virtually maintenance free once fitted.

We supply and fit soffits from Freefoam Building Products.
A wide range of soffit products are available from stock. This includes solid and vented 10mm general-purpose board and hollow soffit with its attractive paneled effect and tongue and groove profile all in a range of sizes and colours.

We carry stock for quick dispatch and have all the relevant accessories to complete the job.


General Purpose Board 10mm

Code Depth Length Units in Pack
GPB100 100mm 5m 4
GPB125 125mm 5m 2
GPB150 150mm 5m 2
GPB175 175mm 5m 2
GPB200 200mm 5m 2
GPB225 225mm 5m 2
GPB250 250mm 5m 2
GPB300 300mm 5m 2
GPB350 350mm 5m 2
GPB405 400mm 5m 2
GPB450 450mm 5m 2
GPB500 500mm 5m 2
GPB605 600mm 5m 1

Vented Soffits – 10mm

Code Depth Length Units in Pack
GPBV100 100mm 5m 4
GPBV150 150mm 5m 2
GPBV175 175mm 5m 2
GPBV200 200mm 5m 2
GPBV250 250mm 5m 2
GPBV300 300mm 5m 2
GPBV350 350mm 5m 2
GPBV405 400mm 5m 2
GPBV450 450mm 5m 2
GPBV500 500mm 5m 2
GPBV605 600mm 5m 1

Hollow Soffit – 10mm


Code Type Length Units in Pack
F104 100mm 5m 10
F312 300mm (ECON) 5m 4
F112 300mm 5m 4