Freefoam Rainwater Systems

For a reliable, leak-free performance and quick installations, choose Freeflow Rainwater Systems! In addition, it is compatible with other rainwater systems with a range of adaptors. Also, Freeflow products come in a range of standard colours including white, black, brown and caramel.

Widely published test results show that while a white surface exposed to sunshine can absorb heat and attain a surface temperature 10°C or more over the air temperature, dark surfaces can rise a further 30-40°C and exceed the softening point of the PVC. Particularly on large capacity, gutters with a large surface area facing the sun, this can be a particular problem. All Freeflow gutter systems are co-extruded with coloured exteriors and white interiors. While the interior will be exposed to sunlight as normal, its absorption of heat from the sun and subsequent expansion along its width and length will be significantly reduced, thus dramatically decreasing the probability of any associated problems.

The ogee gutter system is symmetrical thus eliminating the need for stockists or installers to have to stock a range of left and right hand parts.


Freefoam Cladding