Celotex Crown-Up is new to the market, for use in flat roof systems. Crown-Up is a high performance rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation that delivers excellent stability with extra strength!

Celotex PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid insulation boards are for use between rafters. They are available for next day delivery from sizes 12mm up to 200 mm. A minimum of 25 mm gap should be left between insulation and felt. These boards help users to gain better U-values with single layers.

Board detail: Celotex Crown-Up flat roof

Board size: 1200 x 600mm

Thickness : 100-150mm

Lambda: 0.025 – 0.027

W/mK Facer: Mineral coated glass tissue

PIR insulation has the following product features:

Low lambda range between 0.025-0.027

W/mK offering high thermal performance.

Suitable for built-up flat roofing systems.

Excellent compressive strength, giving it increased dimensional stability and added robustness.

An extensive package of online support, tools and aftercare.

Please note delivery into Greater Manchester only

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