TLX Multi-foils

At FRRC, we stock both TLX Silver and Gold in the TLX multi-foils. These multi-foils specialise in making insulating materials for properties where the increase in thermal requirements can lead to loss of internal space or changes to the roof line.

TLX Silver

TLX Silver is a reflective foil insulation. Due to it’s development, it meets the energy efficiency needs of both new and existing buildings. Fully accredited test labs have independently tested this product to the latest British and European standards. Being the first reflective multi-foil insulation to be awarded a prestigious BBA certificate of agreement, the product has become well known in the roofing industry. And by combining TLX Silver with secondary insulation, their roof and wall solutions were the first to be recognized by LABC and given Registered Detail status. With the approval of NHBC, an abundance of new build houses used TLX Silver insulation. This product has also been used to upgrade the insulation performance of existing structures.


 TLX Gold

Over 20,000 roofs in the UK have used TLX Gold. It is fully BBA certified and endorsed by the LABC. Whether it’s for a roof refurbishment or new project, it is guaranteed to improve thermal performance. It also eliminates the risk of condensation. This product vents moisture with the qualities of a breather membrane, but with the added benefits of insulating like a non-breathable PIR board. The more moisture in the roof space, the more breathable TLX Gold becomes, which is why there is no risk of condensation, even without a vapour barrier. This product also comes with a product performance guarantee, is fast to fit, and many solutions do not need to remove already existing insulation.

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