Single Ply EDPM

At FRRC, we stock a large range of Plytech adhesives, solvents, trims, flashings and accessories.

Plytech are the main distributor of Rubberall EPDM for UK and Europe. EPDM has been the primary choice for larger roofing servicers for over thirty years, thanks to their long-term durable nature. EPDM can withstand even the worst of weather, with a flexibility range of -59°C to +149°C. Not only does Rubberall get the job done, but it also has a low environmental impact in comparison to other membranes, thanks to its long lasting durability and reusability.

100mm Flat Roof VentPlytech Flat Roof Vent

The flat roof vent, used for channelling water through walls, is an essential part for creating any long-lasting roof with fantastic energy efficiency.


Contact AdhesivePlytech Rubberall contact adhesives

A solvent based adhesive for adhering EDPM to brick, stone, ash felt and wood and must be applied to both surfaces. Available in 2.5, 5, 3.78, & 10 Ltr (1Ltr covers 2 M2)


Seam Tape 125mm

125mm seam tape is used for joining rubber to rubber with a 10mm gap to create a seamed joint. This product is either available by the metre linear or by the 30.48 metre roll (100 feet).


EDPM Pipe Boot

The pipe boot should be used to seal soil pipes coming through the flat roof. It should be sealed in conjunction to rubber seam tape prime plus and formflash.


EDPM Primer

Used to clean and prime the EDPM membrane prior to application of uncured rubber and seam tap.



External Corner For Black Drip Trim

A 90 deg external corner for gutter trim meeting gutter trim. The two-part drip edge trim consists of a back plate and the front flat trim with a foam seal on it. These two sandwiched together, using polypins, will trap the EPDM and create a seal.


External Corner For Black Edge Trim

A 90 deg external corner for edge trim meeting edge trim. The edge trims (P trim) come with foam tape attached and offer a seal against the EDPM when compressed. They are available in 2.5 metre lengths and fixed against the fascia board using polypins. Edge trim joints come complimentary along side the pins.


Lap Caulk

Used for terminating flat roofs between EDPM and felt roofs, this is used as a sealant under the termination bar
(ask for guide on how to terminate the joints).


Plastisol Black Wall Flashing

Used as a wall flashing.


Quick Trim Edge Trim in Black

A 2.4mtr edge trim for use on perimeter. Includes foam under seal, joints and fixings.


Rubber Roller, Penny Roller & Scissors Kit

Rubber roller penny roller and scissor kitIncludes silicone roller for pressured joints, penny roller for adhering EDPM into tight abutments and a selection of scissors.


Scrub Pads

Scrub padsUsed for the application of primer to EDPM.



Silicone Rubber Roller

Silicone rubber rollerUsed for rolling seams and installation details after application of uncured EDPM and seal tape.



Uncured Flashing

Uncured FlashingUsed for sealing drains, sky lights, drains, vents, gutters and external corners.
Available widths 225mm / 300mm, sold by the mtr linear or full rolls of 225mm x 15.24 mtr / 300mm x 7.62mtr


Waterbased Adhesive

Can only be used on timber decking to adhere EDPM, apply to the deck then apply rubber and use a sweeping brush to remove air bubbles.
Available in 2.5 ltr, 5ltr & 10ltr.


EDPM Termination Bar 3m

Termination bar 3mtrsUsed in conjunction with lap sealant, contact adhesive and termination bar fixings to secure a waterproof joint to a felted roof.


Through Wall Roof Drain

Through wall roof drainUsed as a detail to allow for water to run from the flat roof through a wall.