Marley Ashmore

AshmoreMade to
give the appearance of two 10 x 6 Plain tiles laid next to each other, The ashmore is a better alternative to laying plain tiles.
This is because of the interlocking channel and the fact that you dont need any eaves or top tiles, Another great reason is less
labour time, less battens to lay and less tiles to the m2. The Ashmore is not laid like double lap slates and so is beneficial all

  • Authentic look of two plain tiles in one
  • Hidden interlock provides ease of installation
  • Available in ColourLogic technology to weather like clay

Available Colours

BrownBurnt HeatherChestnutDark RedSmooth Grey

Technical Info:- Ashmore


Covering capacity

17.5m2 at 77mm lap

Size of tile

267mm x 333mm

19 m2 at 92mm lap

Minimum pitch

22.5 Deg

Weight of tiling

48 kg/m2 at 77mm lap

Minimum headlap


52 kg/m2 at 92mm lap

Maximum Gauge


Number per pallet


Cover width

302mm (nominal)

Colour we stock


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