Duo Modern

Duo ModernManufactured in Glasgow this tile was created for Scotland as it tends to be that most of the slates used here are smaller. The idea of the Duo Bond was to copy the appearance of small slates on the roof.

  • Slate-like appearance enhanced by a mock bond joint
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Suitable for pitches as low as 17.5°

Available Colours

Old English Dark RedSmooth Grey

Technical Info:- Duo Modern


Covering capacity

9.9 m2 at 75mm lap

Size of tile

420mm x 330mm

10.7 m2 at 100mm lap

Minimum pitch smooth

17.5 Deg 100mm lap

Weight of tiling

50kg/m2 at 75mm lap

Minimum headlap


54kg/m2 at 100mm lap

Maximum Gauge


Number per pallet


Cover width


Colour we stock

To order 3 Days

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