The NEW Roto i8 Comfort Roof Window

Roto Comfort i8The Roto i8 Comfort is a ground-breaking new development that redefines the meaning of comfort and ease of use.
This window is automatically operated with no visible drive components to tarnish the luxurious appearance. The drive technology is concealed within the window and opens it significantly quicker than the systems used in conventional electric roof windows.

Due to the Smart Technology in the Roto i8 Comfort, the window can be operated via infrared, smart phone or with a Becker Box. You don’t just see smart technology, you sense it.

The window closes automatically when it rains with 4-way central locking system and so its extra secure and better sealed with that peace of mind included.

With the i8 you get the following benefits:

  • Firstly, the i8 Comfort offers the choice of how it operates.
  • Moreover, with just a push of a button it offers maximum living comfort.
  • Also, one of the best qualities of the Roto Q, is the window’s ability to open and close automatically.
  • Due to its integrated drive, the windows offer a completely unobstructed view.
  • Due to the low energy glazing, heat loss is prevented, therefore lowering heating costs.
  • Because the low energy glazing prevents heat loss, heating costs are lowered.
  • The windows close automatically in rainfall, because of the built-in rain sensors.
  • Furthermore, it is premium quality ‘German Made’ with 15 years guaranteed!
  • Finally, the i8 Comfort can be controlled using an app on smartphones from anywhere and via the remote from home.

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