Roto Roof Window Fitting

Not only are we registered stockists of Roto windows but we are also registered installers too.
This means that by having us fit your Roto windows you can rest assured that they have been fitted to the highest standard and your 15 year Guarantee will be valid.

Roto Window FittingIt not just about slapping a window on your roof and leaving the rest for another tradesman to worry about.
We have been specially trained by Roto themselves both here in the U.K and in Germany at the Roto Campus.

We have be professionally taught and understand the correct way to install the splay which if not calculated correctly will cause condensation across the bottom part of the window. We have also been taught the correct way to insulate roof windows and of course how to correctly install them to the manufacturers recomendations.

Here are the Roto Guarantee Terms and Conditions

We recently completed a large project fitting Roto Roof Windows which we have written up as a case study. Take a look.

We are also trained in the following:

  • 7 series installation
  • 8 series installation
  • Roto Tronic electric windows
  • Manual and electric blinds
  • Upvc Liners

Free Roto blind fitting service

If we fit a Roto roof window to your house and you decide to purchase a quality blind from Roto, then we will undertake to carry out the fitting of this blind to the highest standard absolutely free of charge.
This does not include Electrical Blinds.
The offer is for manually operated blinds only.