Roto Roof Windows Fitting – Case Study

On 24th March 2010 we undertook the supply and fitting of an 8 series top hung/top 3rd in UPVC with an insulation collar attached to it.

The customer wanted maximum U value and why not, I mean what is the point of fitting the window only to let heat escape from it ?
The flashing supplied and fitted was a SNH plain tile that had to be specially made for the insulation collar and also fitted was a UPVC railed 7/9 Blackout blind.

First of all we decided with the customer where the window was to go. From this we made our measurements from the inside taking into consideration the measurements for the splay to be correct and broke out from the inside of the roof.

Then we had to fit the felt support kit which basically stops any ingress of wind. This was fixed on top of the battens then taped up to give maximum draft proofing.
Then the Roto roof window with insulation collar was fitted which dropped in a very tight fit. Once secured we had to further draft proof the window on the outside.

Then all was left to do was to Cut all the tiles and fit the plain tile (SNH) flashing to the window.

Here are some photos as the job progressed, click each for a closer look.

Break Out WindowDraft ExclusionDraft ExclusionDraft ExclusionDraft ExclusionInsulation CollarRoto 8 Series Window

Whilst this was being fitted I fitted the blind which incidentally had a white rail and was a blackout blind.

I can’t stress enough the quality of this product, for me The 8 Series UPVC is my favourite window.

Badly insulated roof windowOnce the roof window had been fitted we then engaged it so it was ready for use. This windows U value now became a very high 1.1 because of the felt draught kit and the Insulated collar. It was airtight and a job well done on our behalf.

You may be asking yourself…
“Why do I need the draught kit ?”
Here is a photo of a badly insulated window (Not our work!) and you can see the heat loss around it melting the snow.

For the extra money invested it is well worth the fitting of the draft excluder kit and the Insulation collar. It may cost you a little extra now but think of how much heating costs you will save ?

John Ratcliffe