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Small Miracles

Roto ControlsWhether electrically operated sun screening accessories or convenient window operation: when dealing with complex and demanding roof window issues, intelligent control systems are needed. These small, clever helpers from the Roto product range can control up to 5 groups. This way roller shutters, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds and roof windows can be operated either together or individually. We particularly have safety in mind with our accessories: Sensors and timers are available for different applications.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum ease of operation via radio communication
  • Complex control options
  • Ventilation at the push of a button
  • Programmable house control
  • Peace of mind during your absence by means of time switch holiday programming
  • 5 channel and now 10 channel remote options available
  • Bluetooth switches can be fitted to radio remote windows so no need for wires

Mode of operation

Wide range of products available
A range of controls with 230 V and 24 V is available. Each one consists of a switch, time switch and radio receiver. Due to the modular design you are completely free to choose the switch elements. This way you can avail of existing switches. The time switch is equipped with night astro function and holiday programming. Up to 16 hand-held transmitters can be tuned in to the radio receiver with the longest range. The control modules can be fitted into commercially available concealed cabling switch boxes. A switch cabinet is however needed for the convenient multiple-unit controller.

Wide range of accessories
Safety in attic apartments can be considerably increased by means of simple measures on roof windows. Rain sensors take care of closing the window when it rains and prevents expensive water damage. The shading and dimming function automatically controls the incidence of light with the radio controlled light sensor. The integrated glass breakage sensor protects against the elements and hinders burglary attempts. For those who like particularly convenient solutions; a circuit is available for temperature dependent opening and closing resulting in the best room climate.


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