Roto Designo R4 RotoTronic

For even more comfort under the roof

Put intelligence on your roof with RotoTronic. The roof window with integrated drive unit and control technology leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to modern living quality.

Roto Designo R4 RotoTronicThe plug-in solution includes all components for automatic opening and closing – “Plug & Play” is our motto. The roof window is also optimally prepared for installing accessories and is the perfect combination for the Designo R7. RotoTronic – life can be so easy.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Concealed drive unit
  • Integrated control system for exterior/interior accessories
  • Cable guide prepared for interior accessories
  • Integrated triple radio receiver (on the electrical radio-controlled ‘EF’ version)
  • Plug-in electrical connection with power plug
  • Rain sensor enclosed

Mode of operation

Electric radio control – Operation via hand transmitter
Easy operation with RotoTronic is a matter of course. The highest level of convenience is provided by the electrical radio-controlled version. The radio receiver for this is already integrated in the control system. The remote control operation is carried out via the five channel remote control, which has to be ordered separately. The electrical radio-controlled RotoTronic is ready to go in no time: simply plug in the power plug into the socket, programme in the hand-held remote – finished!

Electric – Operation via switch
In order to meet the multiple customer requirements for standard electrical switch operation, we also provide the conventional, wirebound electrical version. A commercially available switch or a switch from Roto is needed; this however must be ordered separately. A commissioning set is however enclosed.



Roto Designo R7 - GlazingRoto blueLine (5)

Safety and thermal insulating glazing

Size chart

Roto Designo R4 - Sizes

Technical characteristics

Roof pitch 15 – 90°
PVC yes
Timber yes
WD yes
Non-WD yes
Different glazings 1
Different sizes 9
Opening width 25cm
Locking Chain

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