Roto Designo R7

Top Third Pivot Roof Window

Beautiful views are best enjoyed standing upright. For this reason, in comparison to conventional centre-pivot roof windows, the Roto Designo R7 top-third pivot roof window’s rotation axis is positioned in the top third of the window.

Roto Designo R7There is minimal obtrusive sash protruding into your living space, blocking the view or creating an obstacle course on your way to the open window. True to the Roto principle: ‘More freedom. More comfort.’ Use all the top-third pivot roof window’s functions easily with one handle – positioned at the bottom for better accessibility. This way opening, ventilating and closing doesn’t turn out to be an athletic challenge. Particularly slimline frame profiles ensure that a lot of light shines into the living space. The particularly secure and impervious three point locking system provides an all round safe feeling.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Firstly, safety glass on the outside, thermal insulation glass on the inside
  • The window is available in smart anthracite grey exterior as standard to fit in harmoniously with the roof tile colour. However, any bespoke colour can be created.
  • High pivot axis – plenty of headroom and bottom positioned one-handed operation handle for all functions
  • Optional with flexible 2-pieced circumferential thermal insulating block for energy conservation
  • The R7 comes preassembled in the box
  • The solid UPVC is available to meet the modern day needs in design
  • Due to a quick release button, the top sash is easily removed
  • The handle is at the bottom, meaning more freedom with comfort and it creates maximum light exposure
  • Regardless of height, means of escape is standard on all 740mm wide windows
  • There’s a great range of accessories available, including a full variety of blinds and boles for hard to reach places.
  • Finally, the R7 is quick and easy to install.

Mode of operation

Roto Designo R7 - GlazingPlenty of headroom

Top-third pivot point

Roto Designo R7 - GlazingVentilation

Easy and practical

Roto Designo R7 - GlazingEasy and safe cleaning in cleaning position



Roto Designo R7 - GlazingRoto blueLine (5)

Safety and thermal insulating glazing

Size chart

Roto Designo R7 - Sizes

Technical characteristics

Roof pitch 15 – 65°
PVC yes
Timber yes
WD yes
Non-WD yes
Different glazings 1
Different sizes 9
Angle of aperture ca. 38°
Points of locking 3

Our recommendation

Exterior roller shutter

Roto Designo R7 ShutterRoto’s electrical roller shutter warrants full shading. Even at the maximum 38° opening angle, the roller shutter can be left closed and the window is still fully operable…


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