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Roto Drive UnitsElectrical drive units are most popular among roof window combinations. There’s no alternative at inaccessible heights. Also the general trend for more convenience has become noticeable. Numerous garage doors are already being operated automatically. We expect similar technological support in our cars. Why should we do without this in our attic apartment; right there where we enjoy life? Such wishes find an attentive ear in Roto. We supply a wide range of electrical window drive-units that make your life easier.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum ease of operation
  • Perfect solution for inaccessible windows
  • Concealed drive unit installation
  • Choose from 24 V and 230 V drive units

Mode of operation

More Options
Roto offers numerous possibilities when choosing a drive unit for Roto roof windows. Versions with both 24 V low voltage and 230 V mains voltage are available. You decide on how far the chain motor opens the window: Both versions are available for an opening angle of both 25 cm and 35 cm. Installing the drive unit concealed under the aluminium sash cover is aesthetically advantageous. An overload cut-out warrants the safe closing of the roof window.

More Security
Security engineering has special requirements on drive units. Roto has set new trends with the WRA R5 smoke and heat venting release window. From a development point of view, the drive unit is equipped with outstanding features. In the event of a fire the chain motor opens at the top at an angle of up to 467deg;. As a result, a suction effect is created just like on chimneys. Optimal smoke extraction is the result. The electrical steplessly adjustable ventilation function provides convenient advantages in the normal operation mode.


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