Roto Accessories – Exterior Roller Shutter

Simply Clever

Roller ShutterRoto’s electrical roller shutter warrants full shading. Even at the maximum 45° opening angle, the roller shutter can be left closed and the window is still fully operable. The double-walled aluminium louvres provide clear advantages for protection against the elements. The roller shutter unit’s special space saving design enables the individual roller shutter louvres to be wrapped tightly around the roll. As a result the roller shutter unit can be accommodated in a very flat casing; perfectly and aesthetically integrated in the roof.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Total operativeness when the window is open
  • Optimal sun and heat protection
  • Electrical drive unit as standard
  • As solar radio-controlled version without cable-laying

Mode of operation

Convenient choice of operation
Electrical: Direct connection via the 230 V mains supply and without additional control system. Electrical radio-controlled: The plug-in solution is simply plugged into the power socket. The roller shutter is operated via a hand-held transmitter. Laying cables and installing switches in the living area is not required.

Solar radio-controlled:
Without any cable laying. The energy from the solar module (fixed on the cover) is stored in the rechargeable battery pack on the window. Ideal for retrofitting or refurbishment.


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