Roto Accessories – ‘Screen’ Exterior Blinds

Practical & Convenient

Exterior BlindEffective thermal insulation contributes considerably to living comfort during the summer months. The Roto ‘Screen’ exterior blind with its plastic-coated glass fibre fabric, ensures that approximately 70% of the heat radiation doesn’t reach the window pane in the first place. Even if the blind has been pulled down, the roof window’s functions remain fully functional without any restrictions. Combining exterior blinds with interior accessories is to be recommended. Heat protection together with a darkening blind represent for example an effective package.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Effective sun screening
  • Total operativeness when the window is open
  • The perfect addition to Roto accessories

Mode of operation

To pull the exterior blind down, the window needs to be merely put into the cleaning position. It is hooked in to the provided lugs. In its rolled up state, the ‘Screen’ exterior blind disappears under the roof window’s cover.


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