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We stock and sell loads of battens, we always have 1000’s of metres in stock so you won’t be disappointed.
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We stock the following battens:

  • 25 x 38 in bundles of 10
  • 19 x 38 in bundles of 10
  • 25 x 50 in bundles of 10

Did you know if you are supplied with home grown battens, that in order for them to comply with new regs they should meet strict standards.

John Brash battens are manufactured from imported timber from sustainable forests and guaranteed for 60 years against decay when used above dpc level.
John Brash Battens
The imported timber used is 17% stronger in bending and stiffer in stiffness than home-grown timber. It benefits from slow growth, close tight annual growth rings, and a lengthy growth cycle. The result is an inherently strong and quality final product that meets the strict guidelines of BS5534: Part 1: 1997.

BS Code of Practice:
British Standard BS5534: Part 1: 1997 is the latest edition of the Code of Practice on slating and tiling. It replaces the edition first published in 1978, later updated in 1990.
BBAThe new British Standard has significant commercial implications for everyone in the construction industry involved with specifying, supplying or fixing slating and tiling battens.

It has been established that:
Clearly marked and identified Type A species 25×38 can still be used for single lap tile applications at 600mm centres
Minimum 25mm thickness should be used where possible for fixing at 400mm centres, in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations where smaller sizes such as 19mm were previously used
As before, it is essential to use at least 25×50 for slating at 600mm centres
There is now NO minus tolerance in thickness
John Brash & Co Ltd has implemented a marking system for all full to size 25×38 and 25×50 battens. Other sizes will be identified as before