Roto North West


Roto North West

When you think of roof windows, what brand do you think of? Roto? If not, let us explain just how incredible this brand of roof window really is. It is our aim to bring Roto North West to our customers and to make them the biggest name of roof windows! Soon, FRRC will be offering courses on how to install Roto windows. By completing these courses, you will then be placed on a registered list of installers of Roto windows. This will likely open up many job opportunities opening up to you! Follow our social media pages or check our website for more information, which is soon to come.

Who is Roto?

Roto is a German manufacturing company that invented the tilt and turn window and whose hardware can be found in a majority of UPVC vertical windows. As well as this, they’re also proud inventors of the loft ladder! They are a very big company in Germany that manufactures extremely high quality roof windows. We would like for you to become an ambassador for Roto! Meaning you would work with us in promoting this name and helping it to become a brand to be reckoned with in the North West! Roto have so much to offer to you, as an installer. Also, we are an official partner of Roto in the UK and have worked extremely hard to achieve this.

Roto Windows

Roto windows are truly spectacular! This brand of roof windows showcase the combination of innovative design and precision of German engineering and are perfect for any roof window requirements. If you are in the market for new or replacement roof windows, look no further than Roto roof windows, who only supply the best! Each Roto window comes with its own unique qualities and benefits, meaning there is a suitable window for every home. View our Roto roof windows pages to see the full benefits of each product.