Sandtoft Bridgwater

Brought back into production after an absence of 50 years, the once well-known Bridgwater Clay Double Roman is unique to Sandtoft and has been developed in answer to an acute local need in Somerset and Dorset.

  • BRE Green Guide Rating A+
  • All clay tiles are manufactured under a Quality Management System which is certified to comply with ISO 19001
  • The manufacture of Sandtoft clay tiles is independently certified to comply with ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems
  • Conforms with all current UK standards and fixing requirements
  • Pressed from natural alluvial Humber clay.

The new Bridgwater comes in a “Somerset” colour, designed to blend sympathetically with older tiles: great news for specifiers and planners who have been struggling to find tiles for extensions and conversions.

Sandtoft Bridgwater is a registered trade mark in the UK, owned by Sandtoft Roof Tiles Limited.

Due to natural drying and firing shrinkage in the manufacturing process small variations in size can occur, therefore it is advisable not to mix tiles of different colours on the roof. Please contact Technical Services for further guidance.

Available Colours – Bridgwater


Technical Info:- Bridgwater

Minimum roof pitch


Headlap (minimum)

75 mm

Headlap (maximum)


Batten spacing at maximum gauge**

345 mm

Batten spacing at minimum gauge


Size of tile

420 x 340 mm

Covering capacity at maximum gauge

9.5 tiles per m&sup2

Cover width

305 mm

Profile depth

42 mm

Hanging length

403 mm

Weight as laid

42.8 kg per m&sup2

Weight per 1000

4.5 tonnes

Weight per tile

4.5 kg

Weight per pallet (including pallet/packaging)

0.9 tonnes

Quantity per pallet


Quantity per row/band


Quantity per mini pack


Quantity per layer


Mini packs per row


Battens per m&sup2

2.9 m

Batten size – up to 450 mm rafter centres

38 x 25 mm

Batten size – up to 600 mm rafter centres

50 x 25 mm

Nail size/type for tiles

38 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Nail size/type for tile clips

55 x 3.35 aluminium ring shank clout head

Fittings:- Bridgwater

Half Round Ridge

Half Round Monopitch Ridge

Third Round Hip Ridge

Fibreglass Valley

Tile Clip

Verge Clip

Eaves Clip

Contact John for more information or give us a call on 0161 724 4004