Sandtoft Lindum

An interlocking concrete tile that provides a classic low profile roof. Available in a choice of 7 colours and 2 textures, suitable for roof pitches down to 22.5°.

  • BRE Green Guide rating A+
  • Complies with the requirements of BS EN 490 & 491
  • Manufactured under quality management system BS EN ISO 9001
  • Meets the performance requirements of BS 5534
  • Contains on average 15% recycled aggregates
  • Manufactured using 100% green electricity

Available Colours


Light Grey
Light Grey

Dark Grey
Dark Grey


Terracotta Red
Terracotta red



Antique No.2

Technical Info:- Lindum

Minimum roof pitch

22.5° smoothfaced

30° sandfaced

Headlap (minimum)

75 mm

Headlap (maximum)

120 mm

Batten spacing at maximum gauge

345 mm

Batten spacing at minimum gauge

300 mm

Size of tile

420 x 334 mm

Covering capacity at maximum gauge

9.7 tiles per m²

Cover width

300 mm

Profile depth

42 mm

Hanging length

401 mm

Weight as laid

46.6 kg per m²

Weight per 1000

4.8 tonnes

Weight per tile

4.8 kg

Weight per pallet (including pallet/packaging)

1.0 tonnes

Quantity per pallet


Quantity per row/band


Quantity per mini pack


Quantity per layer


Mini packs per row


Battens per m²

2.91 m

Batten size – up to 450 mm rafter centres

38 x 25 mm

Batten size – up to 600 mm rafter centres

50 x 25 mm

Nail size/type for tiles

50 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Nail size/type for tile clips

50 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

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