Sandtoft Old Hollow 451

Old HollowThe authentic weathered look of the Old Hollow 451 clay pantile is a result from a specialist treatment of the tiles. This produces the typical patina of decades old roof tiles. The subtle interplay of the different shades and effects gives every building its own character.

Ideal for use where builders are seeking to create a weathered look and feel to a property. Ideal for barn conversions or to complement reclaimed brick as it provides an authentic weathered appearance.

  • Economical and easy to fix
  • Suitable for refurbishment and new build projects
  • Wide variety of colours available
  • Manufactured in energy efficient kilns to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1304
  • Meet the requirements of BS 5534
  • BRE Green Guide rating of A+

Available Colours


Natural Red




Victorian Braised Blue

Braised Blue

Black Glazed

Technical Info:- Old Hollow 451

Minimum roof pitch


Headlap (fixed gauge)

75 mm

Batten spacing at maximum gauge**

281 mm

Size of tile

355 x 246 mm

Covering capacity at maximum gauge

19.1 tiles per m²

Cover width

187 mm

Profile depth

65 mm

Hanging length

332 mm

Weight as laid

51.6 kg per m²

Weight per 1000

2.7 tonnes

Weight per tile

2.7 kg

Weight per pallet (including pallet/packaging)

1.1 tonnes

Quantity per pallet


Battens per m²

3.57 m

Batten size – up to 450 mm rafter centres

38 x 25 mm

Batten size – up to 600 mm rafter centres

50 x 25 mm

Nail size/type for tiles

45 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Nail size/type for tile clips

Integrated with clip

Fittings:- Old Hollow 451

Left Hand Cloaked Verge Tile

Right Hand Cloaked Verge Tile

Clay Half Round Ridge 325

Block End Piece

Left Hand Verge

Bird Comb Filler

Fibreglass Valley

Eaves Clip

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