Sandtoft Balmoral

Balmoral is a New Generation, interlocking riven slate which is a new concept in roofing that uses the natural properties of clay to give the visual appearance of a natural slate, combined with economic benefits of interlocking tile design.

  • New Generation interlocking riven slate with easy to lay open gauge
  • Manufactured from naturally occuring alluvial clay ensures the roof weathers in a natural fashion – unlike slate effect products
    made from fibre cement and concrete
  • High performance – can be laid on roof pitches as low as 22.5 degrees
  • Substantial labour savings compared with double lapped natural slate and fibre cement products
  • No on-site holing or sorting required
  • Full range of roofing systems available including dry ridge, dry verge and dry hip
  • Clips available for secure mechanical fixing
  • Balmoral eliminates the need for eaves and tops tiles
  • BRE Green Guide rated ‘A+’
  • Manufactured and independently certified under Quality Management System BS EN 9001
  • Certified to Environmental Management Standard EN ISO 14001
  • All raw clay is extracted from an abundant source of local reserves located within 1km of the production process

To ensure an authentic slate appearance the Balmoral has a riven surface and dressed edges which provide a detailed and textured appearance, whilst its proportions are designed to take the form of a smaller thicker variety of
slate formerly quarried in Scotland. The slate colour of the Balmoral, as with any clay tile, comes from the firing process and is permanent: it will not fade.

Available Colours

Antique Slate
Antique Slate

Technical Info:- Balmoral

Minimum roof pitch


Headlap (minimum)

75 mm

Headlap (maximum)

120 mm

Batten spacing at maximum gauge**

255 mm

Batten spacing at minimum gauge

210 mm

Size of tile

330 x 226 mm

Covering capacity at maximum gauge

20.5 tiles per m²

Cover width

191 mm

Profile depth

16 mm

Hanging length

300 mm

Weight as laid

43.0 kg per m²

Weight per 1000

2.1 tonnes

Weight per tile

2.1 kg

Weight per pallet (including pallet & packaging)

1.0 tonnes

Quantity per pallet


Quantity per row/band


Battens per m²


Batten size – up to 450 mm rafter centres

38 x 25 mm

Batten size – up to 600 mm rafter centres

50 x 25 mm

Nail size/type for tiles

45 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Nail size/type for metal tile clips

55 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head

Fittings:- Balmoral

Duracoat Legged Angle Monopitch Ridge

Duracoat Legged Angle Ridge / Hip

Left Hand Verge Tile and a half

Right Hand Verge Tile and a half

Left Hand Verge Tile

Fibreglass Valley

Lead Valley

Eaves Clip

Verge Clip

Tile Clip Fix

Plastic Push Clip

Tile Clip

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