Marley Fibre Cement Sheeting


  • UK Manufactured
  • 5° minimum pitch
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Highly cost effective
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Comprehensive after sales support
  • Class 0 material
  • Reduces condensation
  • Does not rust or rot
  • Easy to cut and fix
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation

Profile 6

Profile 6Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run along the length of the sheet. This provides maximum impact strength without affecting the durability of the product.

Profile 6 has a very broad appeal. It is designed for roofs of 5° pitch and over and for vertical cladding in both single skin and insulated constructions.

A comprehensive range of accessories are available

When correctly installed, Profile 6 has been tested and classified as non-fragile, and must be considered when working to the roof safety requirements of HSG 33.

Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations which run for the full length of the sheet in each corrugation. This provides maximum reinforcement strength with no loss of durability in service.

Profile 6 sheet lengths (mm)

1525, 1675, 1825, 1975, 2125, 2275, 2440, 2600, 2750, 2900, 3050.

Farmscape lengths (mm)

1525, 2440, 2900

The cut-away illustration above shows the location of the polypropylene reinforcement strip inserted in a precisely engineered position in each corrugation of the Profile 6 sheet.

Profile 3

Profile 3 SheetingThe lower profile of this product makes it particularly suitable for a range of domestic, agricultural and light industrial buildings. It can be laid to a minimum roof pitch of 10°.

Profile 3 sheet lengths (mm)

1525, 2450, 3050

Technical data Profile 6 / Profile 3

  • Overall width 1086mm 782mm
  • Net covering width 1016mm 650.8mm
  • Thickness (nominal) 6.7mm 5.8mm
  • Density (nominal) 1450kg/m3 1450kg/m3
  • Pitch of corrugations (nominal) 146.5mm 72.3mm
  • Depth of profile 47.6mm 19.8mm
  • Profile height category C A
  • Side lap 70mm 131.2mm
  • Minimum end lap 150mm 150mm
  • Maximum purlin centres 1375mm 925mm
  • Maximum rail centres 1825mm 1525mm
  • Maximum unsupported overhang 350mm 250mm
  • Approx. weight of roof as laid, with 150mm
  • end laps, single skin including fixings 17kg/m2 14.5kg/m2
  • Minimum roof pitch 5° 10°

Other products

In order to ensure full compliance with HSG 33, ridges and rooflights must also be upgraded. Marley Eternit can supply a full range of fittings to ensure
that the complete roof is non-fragile – see pages 8 to 11 for details.

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