Tile Coating

We supply roof tile coatings in a variety of colours.
The product we supply is one of the best on the market and many of our customers would recommend it. It has a very good application rate. It is basically an acrylic water based paint that can be applied by means of paint brush or air compressed spray gun. The roofs are usually jet washed off with an anti fungicidal wash to discourage any re-growth of moss, then 2 coats are applied. We have been using these products for over 16 years now. Basically this paint is the same product that the big tile manufactures have been using for years at a fraction of the cost if bought through us.

Along with improving the look of your old roof our paints will add a greater life expectancy and can save you a small fortune.

We also provide a roof tile coating service at a very reasonable rate.

Colours available in stock (15 Ltrs)

  • Mineshaft Grey
  • Teracotta Red
  • Brown
  • Rustic Red
  • WInter Green

15Ltr tins retail at £ 75 + vat

(as a rough guide 15Ltrs should cover around 300 tiles)

For more information on our range of ECO friendly tile coatings take a look at our full Tile Coating Brochure

Mineshaft Grey tile coatingTerracotta Red tile coatingBrown tile coatingRustic Red tile coatingWinter Green tile coating

Here are the colours available at present, click each for a closer look.