Tile and Ridge Vents

Many think that because they are using breathable felt they can get away without fitting tile vents. We recommend that you should always fit at least 4 Tile Vents to your property to discourage the formation of condensation.

Ridge VentRoof ventilation is essential to combat condensation in the roof space. Condensation can cause severe damage including structural weakening by dry or wet rot. Loss of effectiveness of insulation and damage to decoration through damage and mould growth.

We keep over 300 tile and ridge vents in stock at all times.
Concrete tile vents are worth every penny as they offer weathering down at the same rate as the roof. We can also supply vents with pipes on to accommodate Soil and Steam extraction systems.

We are sole distributors of products manufactured by E.C.P.

Services offered by E.C.P include the Manufacture of Ridge Vents, Crested Ridges and Finials.
Any roofing product within reason can be made into a Vent. They also manufacture Segmental Bloc end hips, mono ridges, Bonnet and Harris hips in concrete. Many different formats of tile ventilators are also available.

Here are a few more examples of the vents we can supply.

15 x 9 Tile Vents

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Gritted BrownGritted GreenOld EnglishSmooth BrownSmooth Grey

Angled Air vent Ridges

Smooth GreyOld EnglishSmooth Brown

Angled Collared Air Vent Ridges

Angled Capped Ridge BlackAngled Capped Ridge Terracotta

Anglia Plus Tile Vents

Anglia Smooth Grey Plus Pipe

Bold Roll Vents

Smooth GreyOld EnglishSmooth Brown

Flat Tile Vents

Danum GreyFlat GreyFlat Old EnglishFlat Brown

Major Tile Vents

Gritted BrownGritted GreenOld EnglishSmooth BrownSmooth Grey

Mendip Tile Vents

GreyOld EnglishSmooth Brown

Plain Tile Vents

Plain Tile Gritted Brown

Roman Tile Vents

Gritted BrownGritted GreenOld EnglishSmooth BrownSmooth Grey

Round Air Vent Ridges

Gritted BrownGritted GreenOld EnglishSmooth BrownSmooth Grey

Slate Vents

Melbourn Slate VentNatural 24 x 12 Slate Vent

Wessex Tile Vents

Smooth BrownSmooth Grey